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Daniel Martinez Stahl - Spiritual IntelligenceWelcome to Life Beyond Form, which I hope will help you to deepen your spiritual intelligence and explore your spiritual journey. Ultimately, helping you learn how to live our life more easily and more gracefully.

A big part of our work together is to deepen our understanding of who we are in both our spiritual and human experience; and about how one influences and strengthens the other. Pragmatically, what this means is that as we deepen our spiritual intelligence, we are better able to apply our understanding and improve our quality of life, across all aspects of our experience, regardless of the challenges we are facing. We are able to work within the flow of how the system works instead of working against it, which innocently develops additional distress and difficulties.

Our goal at Life Beyond Form is fundamentally to help you get the most out of your current life by understanding the foundational elements that influence and create your experience moment by moment. This understanding is then further developed by the exploration of our spiritual journey, which includes this current life, other lives and the spiritual realm in between lives.

Our ability to thrive in this life is strongly influenced by our level of awareness and of the state of mind we are living in from moment by moment. As we deepen our understanding of our spiritual intelligence: we tend to live in higher states of mind more often, and are able to recover from lower states of mind more easily and more quickly; awakening our natural and innate resilience and well-being. A deeper connection to our higher self, transforms our experience and allows us to experience life more deeply, with more meaning, joy and peace of mind. 

We are able to align with the rhythm of life when we understand how the system works and know who we are, as both spirit and body.

Spiritual Intelligence_Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from PixabayThriving in this life is a challenge for most of us. We have found ways to cope, mange, and get by, but few of us feel satisfied with where we are or who we are. Life can sometimes even feel like it is not on our side, or seem adversarial at times. On top of all this, we may feel like we lack a sense of wholeness or completeness.

It isn't hard to recognize that many of our habits and responses to life are driven or strongly influenced by this perception of our experience. It is innocent because we have never been taught to truly understand who we are, how life works, and how our mind works.

Once we begin to understand these critical aspects of life, we effortlessly begin to:

  • Live an easier life with more clarity, meaning and purpose

  • Find our resilience and bounce back from upset quicker

  • Respond to challenges with greater ease
  • Become more comfortable with all our emotions
  • Allow our thoughts to pass more naturally without upset
  • Make room for solutions, new ideas and creativity
  • Live with a quieter mind and hear our wisdom more often
  • Connect with our innate well-being and peace of mind

Spiritual and Psychological well-being is at the core of each and every one of us. Understanding who we truly are and the nature of our experience means we can live our lives with more grace and happiness.

Spiritual Intelligence at Life Beyond Form comes from two complimentary fields of study that provide a deep understanding of our true nature and of the universal experience of life:

  • The Three Principles offer a complete and beautifully simple description for how our mind works, how we live and how we interact with life moment by moment.
  • Spiritual Regression, including past lives and life between lives, reminds us of our spiritual journey and offers a direct connection to our higher self and spirit guides.

They both help us to connect more easily with our inner wisdom and our life's purpose. Collectively they provide a profound understanding of who we are and they create an environment within ourselves for deeper and more regular insights about how to live a better life. 

Learning about our true nature and of how the system behind life works gives us a tremendous advantage regardless of our environment or circumstances.

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