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"May we all soar with inspiration, explore with passion, and live with love."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

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Life Beyond Form is about helping people thrive and achieve what they have always dreamed of, but the approach is different than one would expect. The goal is fundamentally to awaken people to their own wisdom and to tap into the innate well-being that already exists within each and every single one of us. 

As people deepen what I refer to as their spiritual intelligence, they experience their innate well-being more often, living in higher states of mind and accessing their natural resiliency, thus allowing them us to recover from lower states of mind more quickly and easily.

The objective is to help people understand what it truly means to be human, both as body and spirit, and to learn how the understanding of that relationship effortlessly extends out and improves all aspects of their day-to-day lives. This often translates into living with peace of mind, wisdom and love more as their norm as opposed to more of an exception. 

As we learn how to align with the rhythm of life,

with an understanding of how the system works,

and knowing who we truly are as spirit and body,

We invite the intelligent energy of life to assist,

and guide us in creating the life we want to live.


Receive regular stories, insights and thoughts to help you live an inspired life with more ease, hope and love.


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Three Principles Law of Attraction

Three Principles & the Law of Attraction

Image by jggrz from Pixabay

Many people would not associate the message found in the Three Principles as being the same as what is proposed within the Law of Attraction, but I was surprised to find they both describe aspects of how life works in almost exactly the same way. 

To be honest, other than for a short-lived curiosity, I never really thought too much about the Law of Attraction until recently, when I was writing the content for the free online course that’s available on my website. Th…

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Spirit Guide, Life Beyond Form, Spiritual Intelligence

There Is Nowhere Else to Be 

Image by rottonara from Pixabay

We don’t need to be anywhere other than where we are, and we don’t need to be different than who we already are right now. 

We come into this life with a plan for what we are hoping to learn, within an environment and a personality that is conducive to the lessons in that plan. As we use our free will to make the choices in our life, our guides and spiritual advisors are constantly making adjustments to help ensure we stay on path. Helping and aligning the neces…

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Symptoms of Inner Peace, Spiritual Intelligence

The Symptoms of Inner Peace

Image by DreamyArt from Pixabay

In my childhood home, there is a wooden picture frame displaying the Symptoms of Inner Peace, which is a numbered list of 12 symptoms that beautifully points towards the truth of our experience. I have always liked this description of Inner Peace, but it has become even more meaningful to me now that part of my work is to help people awaken to the innate peace-of-mind that is always available at the core of their being; often innocently hidden by all the noise of…

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