Working Together

It is through mutual respect and appreciation, with courage and a willingness for change, that we open up and become receptive to hearing something new.

"All significant change happens from within, through insights that awaken us to previously unseen aspects of our true nature, deepening our understanding of life and of ourselves."  

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

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My role as a coach is to help you listen to your inner voice, to find your own wisdom, and to help you awaken to the creative force and well-being that is already an innate part of your being, of who you already are.

Part of our work together will be to discuss and deepen the understanding of our spiritual and human nature, and of how the relationship between the two can help you alight with the creative abundant energy of life or innocently resist and produce sense of separation.

My role as a spiritual journey facilitator, is to help you connect with a deeper part of yourself and with your spirit guides, so that you can messages and insights about your current life and explore aspects of your journey that are relevant and significant for you today. 

In both cases, my process is to invite and allow spiritual wisdom to guide us and to show us the way. 


My ideal client is: 

  • Someone who wants do deepen their understanding of their spiritual nature and life, but most importantly with a desire to integrate this understanding in order to improve their experience of life. 
  • Someone who has the courage and willingness to learn something new, with an eagerness for change, in order to significantly improve the life they are living now.
  • Someone who recognizes the value and importance of improving their life, and is committed to invest the necessary energy, time and resources (a fair exchange of energy) to create the life they want to live.

In short, someone who wants to transform their life from the inside out and is willing and driven to make it happen.

Please note that because of my limited availability, I am only able to work with a select number of individuals at one time. But if you are interested, please connect with me and we will find a way to make something work for both of us. 

Working Together, Coaching, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, and Reiki

Working individually would begin with an exploratory conversation to go over what you are interested in improving, creating and achieving. We would also discuss what's on offer when you live in alignment with your higher self and some of the common ways that you may be innocently creating resistance.

This first conversation gives us a sense of what it would be like to work together and if it feels right to continue. We will then collectively create a package and an engagement agreement that inspires us both.  

The journey will begin with identifying the things that bring you joy and make your spirit shine. Then lead into helping you discover your voice and awaken your innate well-being, peace of mind, and capacity to thrive. Culminating in having you create and build what's most appropriate for you to achieve your desires, from this renewed sense of hope and infinite potential. 

Each program is tailor-made to the individual, but most are 3-12 months in length and include a combination of these elements (all sessions are remote at this time):

  • 2-4 Day Intensive Immersion Session
  • 60-90 Minute Deepening and Integration Sessions
  • 2-4 Hour Spiritual Journey Exploration Sessions

We will work together to help you get more out of life and to improve your current experience, across all aspects of life, both personally and professionally. The benefits will be the result of a deeper level of awareness, which is not only sustainable, but is also incremental. Over time, you will continue to have more insights, gaining more clarity and simplicity, leading to an even more graceful experience of life. 

Contact Me to begin this discussion.