Three Principles...

Daniel Martinez Stahl

Spiritual Journey Coach

The best description for our life that is easily understood and accessible for more people is the one shared by the Three Principles. It is a simple description that informs us of the spiritual elements that make it possible for us to experience life and it also provides us with a description of the system of life. It is almost like a much needed user manual for life and of how our mind works. The Principles do not tell us how to live, they only describe our experience of life. It is then up to us as individuals to determine how best to live our lives with that knowledge. 

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Not only does this understanding help us to:

  • Navigate the small and big challenges we face on a day-to-day basis more easily
  • Experience deeper more meaningful relationships with our loved ones
  • Relate more effectively with difficult people at work and in our personal lives
  • Listen more easily to our inner wisdom and identify the most appropriate next steps
  • Manage demanding situations with clarity, grace and peace of mind

But it also helps us to:

  • Accept that being human means we will have moments of both ups and downs
  • Awaken our resiliency, which naturally directs us towards better moods more often
  • Appreciate all of our experiences with less fear, anxiety and upset
  • Connect more often with our inner wisdom and our spiritual self
  • Forgive ourselves and others with more patience, compassion and understanding

Even though the description is simple and logical, there is no depth to the level of understanding that the Principles point us to and our growth will only come from our own insights; when we go beyond the limitations of our personal thought and are able to feel our spiritual essence.  

The field of the Three Principles is based on the teachings of Sydney Banks, who had an enlightenment experience in the 1970s.

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If you want to deepen your experience and understanding of life, I invite you to sign up to the introductory course below or you can contact me and we can talk about where you are, what you want help with, and then collectively decide how best to go forward.