Getting Started with Your Spiritual Journey

Get the most of your spiritual regression. Below are free resources to help answer your questions and prepare you for the journey ahead.

"The Life Beyond Form spiritual journey is a first-hand experience of your own spiritual story, guided and presented to you by your higher self and spiritual team of guides and advisors."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

My role as a facilitator of your spiritual journey, have it be a past life, alternate life, in-between lives (Life Between Lives®) or something else, is to help you to move through your experience with ease and to help you get the most of your experience by always clarifying the significance and importance of what is being presented to you back into to your current life; to the lessens, challenges and purpose you are currently living through at this point in time.

The quality of the experience is ultimately dependent on your own ability to relax your body, expand your awareness and allow yourself to receive the messages from your spiritual team, which is honestly a lot easier than most people think. 

Below are some resources that will help to prepare for our session(s), which will begin to not only answer some general questions, but will also help you to prepare your body and mind for your journey ahead.

Maximizing a Past Life or In-Between Lives Regression (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

This video answers many questions around spiritual regression and will help you to understand some of the things you can do to get the most of your session. Not only will this video answer many questions you didn't even realize you had, but it also begins to guide you on how best to approach your session so that you are able to relax your body and expand your awareness more easily.


Below are some guided meditations that will not only help you to better understand your own energy and your different energetic bodies, but will also assist you in expanding your awareness and connecting with your higher self and spiritual team.

  • True Life Quest LLC

    "Daniel is a connected, soulful, patient and intelligent practitioner. I felt safely guided throughout the whole process, and ,at the same time, Daniel helped me to bravely explore my experience. I gained so much clarity and valuable insight about my choices in this lifetime. I would highly recommend Daniel and his work to all the fellow explorers who want to know more and go deeper into the essence of us and the lives we are living today."

    United States of America

  • True Life Quest LLC

    “The time I spent with Daniel has had a profound transformative effect on me. I loved how masterfully and patiently he created a space for me to get connected with my inner wisdom. I could intuitively feel that I would appreciate my time with him from our very first conversation. The insights that I had during our session have stayed with me and I tapped into a good feeling momentum that assists me both in my everyday life and general well-being. It gives me a renewed sense of ease and flow in my communications with other people, even if that was not the primary expectation I had from our session. Everything feels lighter.”


  • True Life Quest LLC

    "Daniel is a very special person to work with. Not only is he super patient, kind and understanding, but also very knowledgeable. His words are so inspiring that they literally changed my life. I have gone through meditation courses, NLP courses, spiritual books, etc. but I have never truly understood and let alone really practice what I have been taught. I only started to really embark on the journey of being present from a conversation with Daniel. This opened up a new world for me. I really love his concept about life and his teaching. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who would like to understand or get more from life."