Getting Started with Your Spiritual Journey

Get the most of your spiritual regression. Below are free resources to help answer your questions and prepare you for the journey ahead.

"The Life Beyond Form spiritual journey is a first-hand experience of your own spiritual story, guided and presented to you by your higher self and spiritual team of guides and advisors."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

My role as a facilitator of your spiritual journey, have it be a past life, alternate life, afterlife in-between lives (based primarily on the work of Michael Newton, which he refers to as Life Between Lives®), a metaphoric journey or something else, is to help you to move through your experience with ease and to help you get the most of your experience. Throughout the journey, I will constantly ask your team to explain the significance and importance of what is being presented to you and how this relates back to your current life; to the lessens, challenges and purpose you are currently living through at this point in time.

The quality of the experience is ultimately dependent on your own ability to relax your body, expand your awareness and allow yourself to receive the messages from your spiritual team, which is honestly a lot easier than most people think. 

Below are some resources that will help you prepare for our session(s). The maximizing your experience video will begin to not only answer some general questions, but will also help you to prepare your body and mind for your journey ahead.

Maximizing a Past Life or In-Between Lives Regression (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

This video answers many questions around spiritual regression and will help you to understand some of the things you can do to get the most of your session. Not only will this video answer many questions you didn't even realize you had, but it also begins to guide you on how best to approach your session so that you are able to relax your body and expand your awareness more easily.


Below are some guided meditations that will not only help you to better understand your own energy and your different energetic bodies, but will also assist you in expanding your awareness and connecting with your higher self and spiritual team. The meditations will also acclimate you to the way I speak and to the tone of my voice, which will make it even easier for you to relax deeply and easily when we work together.