Spiritual Journey Exploration

Improve your experience of life by experiencing your higher self, exploring relevant aspect of your journey and speaking with your guides.

"Our human experience is a fundamental part of our spiritual journey. We cannot truly understand, respect and appreciate one without the other."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

Spiritual Intelligence Exploration, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Spirit Guides

When we come into this human life, most of us are born with amnesia of our true spiritual nature and of the other multidimensional experiences we have had. We forget that we are divine energy filled with love and creativity, with constant access to limitless resources and abundance. 

Spiritual regression allows us to reconnect with the essence of our true self and to communicate directly with our higher self, spiritual team of advisors and loved ones, which are always with us, supporting us and guiding us along the way.

The messages shared are unique and specific to each individual and take into account the agreements and goals made regarding this life. Quite often the messages that are shared by our team help us move forward with more ease and joy, and to remind us that we are never alone, always supported and deeply loved. 

They can be shared directly, through the memory of another life or of the space in between lives, and by metaphor. Ideally, followed by a conversation with the individual's spirit guide(s), to understand the importance and significance of the messages to this life.

Your Spiritual Journey – Getting Started


Past Lives or Alternate Lives – Time is not linear like we experience it and understand it, which is why I often refer to these shorter spiritual journeys as alternate lives. (1.5–2.0 hours on average)

Afterlife In-between Lives – This is what many would refer to as our spiritual home, where we are when we are not living an incarnated life, and it is the space explored by Michael Newton (Life Between Lives® or LBL) and Delores Cannon (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ or QHHT) in their ground-breaking work in this field. (3.5-5.0 hours on average)

Experiencing our spiritual self first-hand and remembering aspects of our spiritual journey can be a very powerful experience, which cannot be fully described in words, but include things like: identifying with our immortality; experiencing the love and well-being that is always a part of us; filling in critical gaps created by our amnesia that are innocently causing resistance; and receiving loving guidance directly from our spiritual team of advisors and loved ones.

As an example of a session, I'd recommend you read the following case study: 

Case Study 🦋 Amy and the Lion, A Story About Love, Sacrifice and Forgiveness

Following are actual messages from the spirit guides of people I have worked with: (occasionally shortened with a minor edit)

"Love is the key, and to be kind. Don't lose your identity. Everyone is unique and to work on that uniqueness. There is no need to worry about other people's opinions."

Spiritual Intelligence Exploration, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Spirit Guides

"When you try to understand life, you will never find the answer. Trying to understand life, takes you away from the joy, the mystery and the exhilaration of being alive, which is the whole point."

“Guides are always available to everyone, in every life. Nobody one has to worry about their presence or doubt their presence. Everyone has to complete their journey and guidance is always available to them in their heart.”

"Concentrate on the good things, not just the bad...what you are going through is your lesson, it's your curriculum, it's what you need and once you learn it and go through it, it's who you will become. It's such a subtle process...it's so very incremental that you kind of overlook it."

"You will need to remind yourself that this is what you chose for yourself...and the process of who you will become is why you wanted to go through it in the first place. Do it with no heaviness, do it with a sense of humor, ask yourself what is funny in this situation rather than what is so grave in this situation. Laughter is medicine for the soul."

“Stay open and listen...start trusting the in-between instead of trying to force it to the end, not to assume that because it's not in form yet or it's not able to be articulated yet, that there isn't a lot going on." 

"We just want you to know that whatever field, whatever area, whatever adventure that you want to explore and play with, we are here to co-create with you, to support you and to guide you. You are not alone."

"As we are in our journey of life, we have experience and do to our lack of memory, we perceive things without understanding or knowing the entire story...it's important to always go to the beginning to understand how everything is unfolding. But when we only have a snapshot, we don't have the truth and it can cause lots of pain."

  • True Life Quest LLC
    Jelena Spasovski - Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey Session

    "Daniel is a connected, soulful, patient and intelligent practitioner. I felt safely guided throughout the whole process, and at the same time, Daniel helped me to bravely explore my experience. I gained so much clarity and valuable insight about my choices in this lifetime. I would highly recommend Daniel and his work to all the fellow explorers who want to know more and go deeper into the essence of us and the lives we are living today."

    United States of America

  • True Life Quest LLC
    Razmik Sargsyan - Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey

    “The time I spent with Daniel has had a profound transformative effect on me. I loved how masterfully and patiently he created a space for me to get connected with my inner wisdom. I could intuitively feel that I would appreciate my time with him from our very first conversation. The insights that I had during our session have stayed with me and I tapped into a good feeling momentum that assists me both in my everyday life and general well-being. It gives me a renewed sense of ease and flow in my communications with other people, even if that was not the primary expectation I had from our session. Everything feels lighter.”


  • True Life Quest LLC
    Erica Law, Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey Exploration

    "Daniel is a very special person to work with. Not only is he super patient, kind and understanding, but also very knowledgeable. His words are so inspiring that they literally changed my life. I have gone through meditation courses, NLP courses, spiritual books, etc. but I have never truly understood and let alone really practice what I have been taught. I only started to really embark on the journey of being present from a conversation with Daniel. This opened up a new world for me. I really love his concept about life and his teaching. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who would like to understand or get more from life."