Spiritual Journey...

Daniel Martinez Stahl

Spiritual Journey Coach

The spiritual journey at Life Beyond Form actually begins by looking at our current life, which is a very significant part of our spiritual experience. It starts with exploring who we are in this form and how our actual experience of life is created in the present moment.

Understanding the mechanism of life and how our mind works before spiritual regression makes it possible for us to maximize what we discover about ourselves and our direction in life. Otherwise we return to our current life with new knowledge that becomes limited by our innocent misunderstanding of how life actually works.

The deeper our understanding is before exploring our spiritual identity via our past lives and life between lives, the more we will be able to maximize our experience and the easier it will be for us to integrate our learning back into our current life. 

Understanding how the mind works and the role we play as part of the system of life not only helps with the pragmatic and logistical aspects of our day-to-day life but it will also deepen our spiritual experience as well. 

In short, Spiritual Journey Coaching is primarily driven by the Three Principles understanding and complimented by spiritual regression, including Past Lives and Life Between Lives

The first step is to understand the significance of our spiritual self, the second is to learn about the human experience, and the third is to recognize the importance of both. The goal is to help you become aware of the symbiotic relationship between spirit and body, and of how an imbalance between the two can often lead to distress.

A great place for you to begin on this journey is with the short guide below and with the free introductory course that can be accessed in the menu bar or at the bottom of the page.

Working Together

Below are different examples of how we could work together. After discussing your specific needs and interests, we would collectively develop a custom program designed around your unique requirements and circumstances. 

LBF 3-Month Coaching Program

Designed to provide you with an in depth foundational understanding of how life works, how the mind works, and how this all relates to the challenges you are facing, with discussions around the implications of this understanding across all aspects of our life.

  • Ten life coaching sessions 
  • One past life regression session
  • One life between lives session

LBF Spiritual Journey Package

Focused on the understanding of your individual journey and as it related to the spiritual aspects of your experience.

  • Two sessions to explore a spiritual understanding of your current life
  • Two past life regression sessions
  • One life between lives session
  • One integration session

LBF 4-Day Intensive

Deep dive into the secrets of life and the mind, how this understanding influences and is impacting your current life. Exploring relevant aspects of your spiritual journey as it relates to your current experience of life.

  • Two-day deep dive into the secrets of life and of how your mind works
  • One past life regression session
  • One life between lives session
  • One-day deepening and integration

If you want to deepen your experience and understanding of life, I invite you to sign up to the introductory course above or you can contact me and we can talk about where you are, what you want help with, and then collectively decide how best to go forward.

Life Beyond Form (True Life Quest LLC)

“I had an interesting coaching session with Daniel. Being a coach myself, I was really wondering how he could help me in seeing something more than what I was seeing up to that point. Well, within the first 10 minutes I was already in for a surprise. He is outstanding in his capacity to listen carefully, and with great insight, which helped me see what I truly needed to see.”


Life Beyond Form (True Life Quest LLC)

“Daniel is a fantastic coach. He is warm, inquisitive and most importantly creates a trusting environment that allows you share your thoughts, feelings, doubts and anxiety in a safe space. He has the ability to help you see what you need to see to help you create a clearer state of mind and move you to a greater place of health and wellbeing.”


Life Beyond Form (True Life Quest LLC)

“Daniel has been a very present listener, relating with expertise and compassion. I have felt safe to be transparent with him. He has patiently re-grounded me back to the truths of my experience through his own solid foundation. Our conversations have continuously given me a deeper understanding of life. Daniel has supported taking my focus away from my head and towards my spirit, which is where it belongs.”