Spiritual Intelligence Deepening

Awaken the creative power of the universe within, live in deep positive feelings, and create the life of your dreams. 

"Spiritual and psychological well-being is at the core of each and every one of us. Understanding who we truly are and the nature of our experience enables us to live our lives with more grace and happiness."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

Three Principles Transformational Personal and Executive Coaching Spiritual Intelligence

The foundation used to help deepen the relationship between or spiritual and human experience is based on the Three Principles. The intention is to help people awaken to the innate spiritual wisdom and perfect well-being that is already at the core of who we are; understanding and exploring the power and infinite potential, which is always available inside every single one of us. 

We accomplish this through a conversation and mutual exploration about the nature of life, about the mechanisms that make it possible for us to experience life and about the relationship between our spirit and body—which includes a conversation about the importance of that relationship and the different roles each respective part plays—so that we are able to experience everything that comes with being alive. 

Regardless of what we are facing, we will inevitably overcome them with greater ease when we are living in alignment with our true self and are able to better leverage the use of our inner wisdom, clarity, creativity and peace of mind.


Whether you are looking to improve aspects of your personal or professional life, you will find that because we explore the foundational nature of all experience, any insights you get in one area will effortlessly generalize out across all parts of your personal and professional life.

The intent of Spiritual Development Coaching is for you to awaken to your own sovereignty, your divine essence and the true nature of your experience; both in spirt and human form. The goal of this work is for you to realize that you are not only an integral part of the infinite intelligence of life, you ARE the infinite intelligence of life. Help you to discover what it means to be the true alchemist of your life and the quality of your experience.

Three Principles Transformational Personal and Executive Coaching Spiritual IntelligenceThe intention and hope I have for myself and my clients is for us to deepen our understanding of the following (in no particular order): 

  • Awakening our resilience, helping us return to a better states of mind and experience deep positive feelings more often
  • Remaining calm and centered in the face of other people's moods, making it easier to mitigate challenging people and situations 
  • Appreciating and responding to the natural ups and downs of life with more hope and grace, which makes room for creativity and insight
  • Living in presence more often — just being with what is — allowing and enabling the intelligence of life to inform us in the moment
  • Slowing down and quieting the noise in our heads, reducing and eliminating the need for coping mechanisms and strategies
  • Addressing and solving problems appropriately and efficiently, from a place of clarity and wisdom, with a responsive state of mind 
  • Recognizing the innocence in the universal misunderstanding of our experience, which naturally leads to forgiving ourselves and others
  • Listening more deeply to ourselves, others and life itself, giving space for the messages to formulate and reveal themselves 
  • Going inside for the answers, recognizing that they can only ever come from within ourselves via insight, from our own spiritual wisdom
  • Feeling profound gratitude for the adventure of life and for everything we are able to learn and experience through all its highs and lows
  • Moving forward in life knowing that regardless of what we encounter, we will always be supported and guided by spiritual wisdom 
  • Identifying our innocent resistance to the supportive energy of life and learning to accept the abundance available to us 
  • Relating directly to the spiritual nature of ourselves and others, beyond our behavior
  • Giving ourselves the space and permission to slow down to the natural speed and flow of life so we can be even more productive, creative and effective
  • Recognizing the wisdom in ourselves (and others), which empowers us (and them) into a deeper connection with our own innate spiritual intelligence and well-being
  • Exploring the illusory nature of life and making it possible for us to have any experience with calmness, clarity and peace of mind
  • Approaching life with a lighter attitude and with more good-will for ourselves, others, and everything else in our universe
  • Understanding the elements of life that we can control and/or influence and becoming more proactive in creating the life we want to live

There is no end to the depth of what we can learn and experience about life. By going up-stream, by looking towards the source of our experience of life, and understanding how our minds work, everything life has to offer becomes effortlessly available to us.