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"When you can be authentic to yourself and realize that all interactions have a purpose, all negative, all positive, dark, light, in the middle, all are valuable, it will allow you to move through them more easily, without the pulling back or dragging your heals or pushing, all the of that resistance."

~ Cool Council (Shannon Johnson)

Shannon Johnson has the ability to connect directly with a group of spirits who oversee the contracts for all lifetimes, of all life forms, timelines, dimensions, etc. The group was affectionately called the Cool Council, representing the Chief Overseers of Life-plans Council. 

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Shannon Johnson Resources

For anyone wanting to better understand who we are and how things work, this book is a must read. There are sections in the book that will resonate more with some than others, but I for one found the information the Cool Council shared with us extremely valuable. It gave me a much richer understanding of what happens behind the scenes of our experience here on Earth, of the challenges that we are facing as a planet, and of the healers that are here helping us get through a transitionary phase that we are experiencing. I wanted to include another excerpt from the book because I know many of us wonder why we are here:

"The point of incarnating is to fully immerse yourself in consciously experiencing the current life, to embrace all the rich emotional human experiences, and then to find balance."

For consistency, the link below is for the Kindle edition but other formats are available.


Shannon Johnson, Stones of Wisdom From The COOL CouncilStones of Wisdom From The COOL Council


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