Reiki Healing

Setting the intention for the mysterious spiritual energy of life to heal at any necessary level of existence. 

"The spiritual energy of life is flowing through us and through everything. But there are times when it becomes obstructed, distorted or out of balance. Reiki healing invites the intelligent energy of life to go where it needs to go in order to help restore flow and balance."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

Reiki Healing Spiritual Energy Divine Life Force

The name in Japanese is the combination of REI, meaning soul or spirit, and KI, which means vital energy. For me, Reiki represents the divine or "spiritual energy" that forms and creates everything. Many people loosely translate it as the universal energy of life. 

Reiki energy healing can take on many forms and be used in many different ways. But classical Reiki is mostly known as a hands-on technique, with specific hand placements at different points around the body. 

Modern Reiki takes a looser and more flexible approach to utilizing the energy. It is often guided by intuition, with less structure, though equally as powerful. Even though modern is more often the one associated with imagery work, both classical and modern can be used for remote healing.

Reiki is used extensively throughout my work, as an integral part of all spiritual deepening, transformational coaching and spiritual regression conversations. Master healers and the Reiki energy are expressly invited to heal throughout a session.


What is not commonly known is that the Reiki practitioner is not a healer, they are only a conduit. The healing, in whatever form it takes, is ultimately determined by the Reiki energy itself. Though I believe it happens in collaboration with the higher self of the subject, their spirit guides, and other master healers, which are beings of the highest vibration that are healing specialists.

Something else most people don't realize is that we are composed of four distinct bodies that are all interconnected and working together as one, so that we can experience life. We ultimately function at our best when the integrated collaboration between them all is flowing easily and equally balanced. 

Reiki Healing Spiritual Energy Divine Life Force Spiritual Intelligence

The Spiritual Body – is our soul spark and our direct connection to the universal energy of life. It includes all the energetic fields that make the connection between the spiritual and physical bodies possible. It is our soul consciousness in every aspects of our physical self. It is though our spiritual body that we are able to access the spiritual wisdom that is always available to us and feel the innate well-being that is an integral part of our being. 

The Mental Body – is the connection point between the spirit with body; it's what gives the brain and body consciousness. When the soul consciousness connects with the body it ignites what most people would refer to as our human mind. It can be said that the mental body is the link that connects the brain and the heart, which allows them to work together instead of independently. (We have three aspects to our personal mind: our head or intellect, our heart or feeling and our gut or instinct.)

The Emotional Body – is what makes it possible for us to express and experience the sensory aspects of life, as well as give us the ability to connect with others. Not only are we able to feel and express our senses through the emotional body, but it also allows us to experience a spectrum of many different emotions, with a wide range for each, respectively. For example, from deep, meaningful and profound love to the empty and complete lack of love, with everything in between. 

The Physical Body – is the material shell into which our soul enters and animates so that we can experience every aspect of this physical life. It is what makes it possible for us to touch and be touched; to move amongst and interact with the physical world around us. 

"Reiki system is based on a deep understanding of the structure of the Universe. According to Reiki teaching, all the processes taking place inside and around us are controlled by the matter of the highest order – the energy that has Consciousness – Ki. When you know how to manage your Ki, you acquire the ability to solve any problem and maximize your potential." 

~ Katya Ki