Past Life Regression...

Daniel Martinez Stahl

Spiritual Life Coach

Past life regression (PLR) is not a form of therapy in and of itself. However, the simple act of remembering our spiritual selves and our forgotten memories, can often lead to profound healing and a deeper connection with our innate well-being.

Remembering our true identity is a very powerful and transformational experience because it not only reminds us of our spiritual nature but also of our immortality. It opens a link to the divine source of our existence and brings it to the surface of our consciousness. We awaken deeper parts of ourselves that have not been at the forefront of our present experience and it allows us to feel the loving support that is such a major part of our spiritual home.

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The first step towards remembering our life between lives is to explore our past lives. It is an important part of the journey because it slowly introduces us back into the spiritual world. 

In addition to remembering our past, we are able to communicate directly with our guides and begin to glimpse elements of the spiritual realm. Past life regression also introduces us to the other members of our soul group that may or may not be with us today.

The insights we experience during a past life regression can:

  • Heal emotional and physical pain related to the residual memory from previous lives
  • Inform us of our soul's behavioral patterns that both help us and hinder our progress
  • Identify what we learned from our other bodies that can help us with our body today
  • Remind us we are never alone and are constantly being supported by our guides and soul group
  • Educate us about history of our current relationships
  • Allow us to deeply experience the innate health and well-being at the core of our being

The transformation that comes from remembering our past lives and our spiritual self will be unique to each one of us. Many factors will contribute to what we see and what we feel. One of them being our understanding of life, which is why having a solid foundation of our current experience of life is very helpful. The stronger our understanding is of the elements that create our experience of life, both in form and formless, the more we will be able to understand when we explore our spiritual past.

However, regardless of how prepared and willing we are to learn about our spiritual world, what we see during any spiritual regression is directed by our higher self and our spirit guides. The invitation is for us to see the aspects of our past lives and of our spiritual nature that will be the most helpful and relevant for us in the present moment. But sometimes we are blocked from seeing things that will get in the way of learning what we are trying to work through on our own.

Being open to whatever it is we see or don't see will inevitably help us on our path and give us greater insights into ourselves and our present moment. Trust in your own wisdom, it will always guide you and assist you.

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The best way to get started is to contact me so we can schedule a time and speak about your situation, about what is attracting you to explore your past-lives and how you would like to improve your life. We can then collectively come up with a program to help you accomplish that.

I also plan to create a FREE downloadable recording of a guided past-life regression, for your to use whenever it is safe for you to enter a deep state of relaxation. Click the button below to express your interest in receiving this file as soon as it's created.