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"Through our (spirit) guides, we become more acutely aware of the continuity of life and our identity as a soul."

~ Michael Newton

Michael Newton is considered a pioneer in uncovering and exploring the spiritual realm, and of our journey when we are not in physical form. In other words, our spiritual home in between lives. He worked as a hypnotherapist for over 50 years and with Life Between Lives for over 40 of them. In his dedication to share what he was learning about Life Between Lives, he wrote three books on the subject and also founded The Newton Institute (TNI). 

To learn more about Michael Newton and TNI, visit: www.newtoninstitute.org


Michael Newton Books

The books below are listed in reverse chronological order, from the first to the latest, because this is the order I would recommend reading them. His first book, Journey of Souls, provides a step by step account of our spiritual journey after death and back to rebirth. His second book, Destiny of Souls, goes into greater detail on some of the areas introduced in the first book and it also introduces other activities and further describes what he learned through his clients about our spiritual home. The third book is written as a manual for people who are interested in facilitating a Life Between Life session. For consistency, the links are for the Kindle edition but other formats are also available.

These two books are case studies from Life Between Lives facilitators who were trained at The Newton Institute.


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