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Exclusive content, with intimate and interactive conversations about our spiritual and human nature, integrating and applying this understanding to live better lives and improve our experience.

"Being human, is a spiritual conversation. Not only because this life is an integral part of our spiritual journey, but because there is no true separation between the form and the formless; they are both different expressions of the same energy of life."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

Spiritual Explorers Community - Spiritual Intelligence Membership

Do you want to live a fuller and more meaningful life?

Do you want to improve every aspect of your experience, actively participating in the direction of your journey?

Do you want to live with more peace of mind, clarity and well-being, or with more hope, love and joy?

Do you want to explore what it means to be both spirit and human, and about their synergistic relationship?

Do you want to learn how to align with your spiritual essence and connect with your inner wisdom?

Do you want to benefit from the abundance and creative guidance always available to us from the energy of life?

Do you want to learn about the relevant aspects of your spiritual journey that are significant to your current life?

Do you want to be part of a community of heart-felt and like-minded people on a similar journey?


The Playing With Spirit Membership Group is a safe environment to explore and deepen your spiritual understanding and of how that understanding helps improve the quality of your life. The membership includes weekly live sessions...:

🌺  Spiritual Discovery ~ An intimate conversation with guest speakers about their spiritual specialty, their own journey and the lessons they learned that have impacted the quality of their life. With an experiential exploration of their specialty if appropriate. (Potentially including additional exclusive content.)

🌸  Spiritual Integration ~ A discussion (often a Q&A format) about the pragmatic and practical implications of deepening our understanding of life, of how our minds work and how we can align more with our spiritual nature, in order to take an active role in the creation of our life and improve our experience of what it means to be alive.

🌼  Conversations with Spirit ~ Originally designed as a way for member of the CSVS community to stay in the conversation between seasons, it also provides members with the experiential experience of channeling, receiving messages, healings and transmissions. (Note: this is not a class but it can serve as as space where members who are learning to channel can practice.) 

...As well as additional ad-hoc content based on user requests as well as divine inspiration:

🌷  Spiritual Exploration ~ A group regression exploring different aspects of the spiritual journey, including things like: meeting with spirit guides, remembering other lives (Past, Parallel or Future Lives), and exploring aspects of our spiritual home (Afterlife in Between Lives).

🌷  Channeled Massages ~ Daniel Martinez Stahl will channel messages from Spirit for members of the community, along with the occasional channeling sessions exclusive for the members of the group. 

🌷  Guided Meditations: Focused on healing and/or expanding awareness, inspired by actual Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journeys or spontaneously created in the moment (channelled).

Life Beyond Form Three Principles Transformational Personal and Executive Coaching Spiritual Intelligence Exploration Past Life Regression Life Between Lives Reiki Healing

Deepen your understanding of the system of life, which we are a part of, and of the power we all have inside to create, thrive, and excel in life.

Awaken your innate resilience and well-being, enabling you to face life's challenges with more grace and ease.

Improve the communication and synergy between your body and soul, so you can align with your divine essence, and experience the benefits of both selves working with a natural balance. 

Learn about the elements that collectively form and create your experience of life and understand the role you can actively take to effortlessly improve the direction and quality of life. 

Appreciate and welcome the abundance of the universe, which is always available, instead of innocently resisting or blocking its support.

Surrender your idea of control and listen more easily to your inner spiritual wisdom, which is one with the intelligent energy of life that creates worlds.

Experience of your higher self directly, connect with your spiritual advisors, and remember the love, support and guidance that always available to you. 

Expand your understanding of what it means to be human and awaken to the divine power that resides within you. 

"And in this game of life, we all search for our selves. When I say selves, I mean inner selves, the thing that created the life in the first place. Now consciously, most of us are not aware of this. But if you’re searching for happiness, if you’re searching for tranquility, if you’re searching just to have a nice, peaceful, loving, understanding life… in actual fact, you’re searching for your inner self." 

~ Sydney Banks

Spiritual Intelligence Community Monthly Membership

Playing With Spirit Membership Starting From US$39

  • Live Spiritual Discovery Sessions
  • Live Spiritual Integration Sessions
  • Live Conversations with Spirit Sessions
  • Live Discover Session with Guest Speaker
  • Access to the all recordings associated with the membership (past and present)
  • Discount to all of the Life Beyond Form exploration, deepening and facilitation services
  • Other exclusive content designed to be responsive to the energy in the moment and to member requests

What people are saying about their Life Beyond Form journey...

  • True Life Quest LLC
    Phil Goddard - Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey Session

    "This was such a beautiful experience. Daniel gently and steadily guided me into a state where I was able to visit times in past lives that have served as powerful reminders, and points of clarity, as to what I am here in this loge to experience and do. The conversation before our session was helpful and supportive, and I thoroughly recommend this experience to anyone who is considering exploring in this direction."


  • True Life Quest LLC
    Life Beyond Form Spiritual Intelligence Past Life Regression Life Between Lives Reiki Healing

    “I experienced an amazing Life Beyond Form session with Daniel. Daniel was very helpful throughout the entire process. Before the session he prepared me very well explaining every step openly and patiently. He answered all my questions completely. During the session he created a trusting and caring environment which made me feel comfortable and assured. The process was smooth and calming for me and it had enough space for insights and reflections. It continues to work even after a few days. I am grateful to Daniel for the entire experience.”


  • True Life Quest LLC
    Emily Nature - Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey Session

    "The Life Beyond Form session with Daniel allowed me to drop into an inner space where nothing else mattered. I got in touch with the pure energy that is me, received love, nourishment and insights from this energy. My Spirit Guide appeared and shared with me guidance to put my current existence into a much higher perspective. From this space, I'm reminded what a gift life is, what's truly important. It's made life even more joyful, more delicious, and extraneous stuff falling by the wayside. I am grateful to Daniel for holding and facilitating a safe space where my true self could emerge and touch me with its wisdom.
    Thank you Daniel for this gift."