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"When our mind goes quiet, we feel the energy behind life without the fragmentation and personalization of thought. In that silence lies a spiritual universal truth. We are all one. We are all OK. Only your thinking can tell you otherwise."

~ Mara Gleason Olsen

Mara Gleason Olsen is one of my favorite people. She has a beautiful lighthearted approach to life that is a pleasure to be around and to listen to when she speaks. I would strongly recommend you do a Google search for videos and other talks she has done. She is the co-founder of One Solution Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to helping improve the quality of life at a global level through a variety of different projects and a variety of partners with a similar goal.  

To learn more about One Solution Foundation, visit: www.onesolutionglobal.org


Mara Geason Olsen Resources

Her book, One Though Changes Everything is the one I give to people who are not familiar with the Three Principles as an introduction. It is simple, fun, playful, well written and easily relatable. Many of her examples in the book are from the days when she was working a lot with corporate and executive development, so it is also a great book for people in business. For consistency, the links are for the Kindle edition but other formats are available.


Mara Gleason Olsen, One Thought Changes EverythingOne Thought Changes Everything

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