Life Between Lives...

Daniel Martinez Stahl

Spiritual Journey Coach

Live between lives (LBL) regression takes us through our spiritual experience when we are literally in between lives. In essence it's our true home: It is where we go to rest, recharge and prepare for our next life; it is where we review our progress and continue our learning; and it is an experience filled with joy, love, support and recreation.

Spiritual regression at this level gives us a very deep understanding of who we are, of our unique existence and of the spiritual world in general. It explores all aspects of our personality, including our characteristics, strengths and weaknesses; and it reminds us that we are always loved, appreciated and supported by our guides and members of our soul group. 

The exploration of our life between lives also reminds us of the lessons we are currently working on and of the intentions we agreed to with our guides regarding our progress and our current life. 

milky-way-67504_1280_Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The actual journey will be different or everyone but it will typically include the following stages:

  • Transition through the gateway into the spirit world
  • Being greeted by the welcoming spirits of our loved ones
  • Orientation and initial review of our most recent life with our spirit guide
  • Returning to our soul group with our soul mate and closest companions
  • Going before the council of elders to go over our progress and get advice
  • Exploring other activities, like areas of study, self-reflection and games
  • The selection process for our current life and body
  • Preparations for our upcoming life
  • Making the connection with our current body
  • Invitation to review anything else that may be relevant

Remembering our life in the sprit world and experiencing our innate health and well-being through a superconscious state:

  • Enables us to live with a deep understanding of ourselves and our purpose
  • Allows us to move forward with a renewed confidence in our capabilities
  • Reminds us we are never alone and are always loved, supported and guided
  • Deepens our understanding of how life works and of who we are as part of that system
  • Removes our fear and makes it easier to continue our life with hope and a sense of adventure

By remembering and reliving aspects of our spiritual self, we become more open in the present moment to the messages from our guides and our higher self. The link to our spiritual nature of our existence is strengthened and brought to the surface of our consciousness, making it easier for us to feel and connect with our spiritual self. 

If you would like to explore your life between lives, I would be honored to be your guide. However, it will need to wait for me to get certified. By clicking the button below, you can be one of the first to know when that happens. In the meantime, I'm happy to help you explore the other aspects of your spiritual journey, have it be your current life or your past lives.