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"When you’re in a feeling of hope, your mind is open to infinite possibilities, that are always going forward, and you get to create what that is. When you create from inspiration and insight, you transform your present reality into a more perfect reality. One that's, that’s born of truth and of inspiration."

~ Joseph Bailey

Joseph Bailey, who is probably best known for his work with addiction and recovery. is driven by his pursuit for a deeper understanding between the spiritual, the physical and the psychological. Working with a wide range of people and organizations, his mission is fundamentally to help people find their true happiness and live from their innate peace of mind.

To learn more about Joseph Bailey, visit: www.joebaileyandassociates.com


Joseph Bailey Books

The books below are listed in chronological order, from the most recent. His first book, The Serenity Principle is focused on recovery and has helped many thousands of people around the world to understand their innate well-being and find their way to living with peace of mind. His other books are written for a wider audience and I would recommend starting with Slowing Down to the Speed of LifeFor consistency, the links are for the Kindle edition but other formats are also available, except for The Serenity Principle which is only available on paperback.


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