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Ken Manning, Robin Charbit, and Sandra Krot

"Built into you is the capacity to have all the wisdom and insight that you will ever need. You don't need to think hard to resolve issues or questions. You just need to know that this ability is in you and how it naturally presents itself."

~ Ken Manning, Robin Charbit, and Sandra Krot

Insight Principles is a consulting organization dedicated to helping organizations solve their unsurmountable problems. The consulting group is driven to create an impact in the world and raise the global level of consciousness and they have chosen to focus on the corporate world because that is where many people spend most of their time.

To learn more about Insight Principles and the team, visit: www.insightprinciples.com and www.insightprinciplesinstitute.com


Insight Principles Resources

This book was fundamentally created for their corporate clients, as a reference that could be used after a training engagement. Needless to say, this book is a written with the business executive in mind, but it is also has a beautifully simple description of the Three Principles and I would recommend it to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of where their wisdom and insights come from. How to experience them more often as a natural part of everyday experience, instead of only occasionally. For consistency, the link below is for the Kindle edition but other formats are available.

Ken Manning, Robin Charbit, and Sandra Krot, Invisible Power, Insight Principles at Work.Invisible Power,
Insight Principles at Work
Ken Manning, Robin Charbit, and Sandra Krot


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