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"Emotions are never a statement about the world around us. They are always a statement about our momentary perspective on life.  Emotions are a quality-control device that measure the quality of our thinking."

~ George Pransky

George Pransky and Linda Pransky work together as part of Pransky and Associates, which is an organization on the leading edge of the Three Principles understanding that is primarily focused on relationships, but also works with corporations and everyone else. They are also dedicated to deepening the understanding of the Three Principles for people who want to teach them or simply better understand them.

To learn more about Pransky and Associates, visit: www.pranskyandassociates.com


George Pransky Books

The books below are listed in chronological order, from the most recent. The Relationship Handbook is one of my personal favorite books on the subject of the Three Principles, even though they are never specifically named or listed in the book. I had some very powerful insights while I read this book. It is very helpful to anyone that wants to better understand how we relate to ourselves and other people. The the Anniversary Edition, which adds some more information not available in the original version of the book. For consistency, the links are for the Kindle edition but other formats are available.

The following book is an illustrated children's book written by George and Linda Pransky.

A Book about Thinking Thoughts


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