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"Deep listening is a shorthand way of being guided by wisdom. Deep listening is the quality of listening without anything on your mind; of listening without expectations, even NOT listening for wisdom. Listening is stillness in action."

~ Elsie Spittle

Elsie Spittle is the only person in the Three Principles community that knew, and was friends with, Sydney Banks before his enlightenment experience. In her books, she shares may stories of her early years with Sydney and her own journey. Her message is always pointing us to look within, towards our own wisdom, and in many of her books I find that she is speaking directly to me, and to the questions and insecurities I have had in my own deepening process.

To learn more about Elsie Spittle and read her blog articles, which I would highly recommend, visit: www.3phd.net


Elsie Spittle Books

The books below are listed in chronological order (at the time I created this page), from the most recent. Though I have enjoyed all of her books, my personal favorites are Our True Identity, and Beyond Imagination. For consistency, the links are for the Kindle edition but other formats are also available.

The following books are not available on Kindle and some require ordering used copies. Note, I have not yet read any of these three books so can not make a personal recommendation, but I am familiar with all the authors and they each have an incredible ability to describe what they have seen to be true about life and am sure they are amazing books.


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