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"You take any person in this world who is troubled psychologically, if they did not believe that what they were thinking was true, they would not be troubled. There would be no mental illness."

~ Dicken Bettinger

Dicken Bettinger has an incredible ability to describe the Three Principles in a way that invites us to go further and to understand our own truth even more deeply. He is also one of the most popular speakers and teachers of the Three Principles, so there are a lot of podcast interviews with Dicken that are readily available. I would strongly recommend searching for them. 

To learn more about Dicken Bettinger, visit: www.3principlesmentoring.com 


Dicken Bettinger Resources

Most of Dicken's talks are filled with great wisdom, with simple and direct metaphors that have helped me deepen my understanding of the Three Principles. So, I was very excited when he and Natasha Swerloff released Coming Home. My favorite excerpt is: 

"Your true nature is pure being — invisible, yet essential. It is full of creative potential. It is formless. It is what many would call spiritual. As you experience and realize this dimension of being, it reveals to you more of your innate psychological well-being. It reveals an inner world of beautiful feelings such as peace, joy, happiness, compassion, and gratitude. It reveals the richness of living fully in the now. It reveals a higher order of thinking with characteristics such as clarity, insight, perspective, motivation, inspiration, creativity, and common sense solutions to your daily challenges..."

For consistency, the link below is for the Kindle edition but other formats may be available.


Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerloff, Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-beingComing Home: Uncovering the Foundations
of Psychological Well-being
(with Natasha Swerloff)


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