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"Knowing is so much deeper than belief, reason, or logic. It is the fruit of direct experience, and its power is immense. It heals and it liberates. Knowing the truth of our spiritual essence can sooth the world and bring about peace."

~ Brian Weiss

Brian Weiss is one of the most well known Past Life Regression specialists in the world. I was first introduced to his work through Only Love is Real, which was shared with me by a dear friend so it will always have a special meaning for me. As it turns out, that book sparked a deeper curiosity for me to explore our spiritual journey, and his other books also contributed greatly to my interest in working in this field. Brian Weiss has many more books and other products than the ones I've listed below. 

To learn more about Brian Weiss, visit: www.brianweiss.com


Brian Weiss Books

The books below are listed in reverse chronological order, because I would recommend starting with Many Lives, Many Master, his first book. In it he shares his journey of discovery that lead him into Past Life Regressions, which clearly changed his life. After that I would get Messages from the Masters, then Only Love is Real, and keep going from there. His latest book, which he co-wrote with his daughter is a wide spectrum of stories from their clients and students. Note, Through Time Into Healing explores Past Life Regression (PLR) as a therapeutic technique and is written for people interested in considering PLR as part of their practice or as a career path. For consistency, the links are for the Kindle edition but other formats are also available.


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