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Recommended resources to deepen your understanding of life, improve the quality of your experience and enable you to thrive in this lifetime. 

"May we all soar with inspiration, explore with passion, and live with love."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

Recommended Books and Videos

The list of books, videos and other resources that are displayed here is by no means extensive, but it is a personally selected list of authors that I would recommend exploring.

More will be added with time, as I'm able to read and be exposed to more people that I love enough to include. 

Please note: some links on this site are affiliate links that give me a small commission, which does not affect your purchase price.

Spiritual Intelligence PodcastPodcast Speaker's Resources

Additional resources are available from each guest speaker at the bottom of the description page for each episode of the Spiritual Intelligence Podcast

Three Principles

All the resources in this section will deepen your spiritual intelligence, expand your awareness of life and help you understand more about what it means to be both spirit and human.

Click on the author's name to see the recommended items:
(List is alphabetical by first name.)

Sydney Banks 🌼Three Principles Primary Source

Please note: All the resources in this sub-section are also helpful for any subject even though some authors have chosen a specific subject area.

3PGC.org ~ Not an author but a great source of information

Dicken Bettinger ~ Universal

Elsie Spittle ~ Universal

George Pransky ~ Relationships / Children

Harold (Harry) Derbitsky ~ Addiction

Insight Principles ~ Corporate and Executives

Jack Pransky ~ Parenting / Community / Children

Joe Bailey ~ Addiction

Mara Gleason Olsen ~ Business and Universal

Michael Neill ~ Universal

Nicola Bird ~ Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Stress

Spiritual Journey Exploration

All the resources in this section will explore different aspects of our spiritual journey, describing elements of the spiritual dimension, expand our awareness of who we are and of where we come from. 

Click on the author's name to see the recommended items:
(List is alphabetical by first name.)


Abraham-Hicks ~ Law of Attraction, Channeled

Brian Weiss ~ Past Lives

Michael Newton ~ Life Between Lives

Shannon Johnson ~ Community, Healers, Channeled