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The Origin of Life Beyond Form

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All my life I have been fascinated by the structure of things and how they work; this has been especially true with our psychology. Growing up, I was constantly exposed to the latest psychological ideas and models that my parents were exploring as part of their careers. My father was a psychiatrist and my mother was both a psychotherapist and a clinical director. I have many memories of listening to them talk about their work after dinner; my siblings would go back to doing whatever it was they were doing and I would silently listen to my parents speak about the challenges their clients were facing and the different techniques they were using to try to help.

As I grew up, I avoided traditional psychotherapy as a career choice because the concept of the patient/therapist relationship never resonated with me. I simply didn't like the idea of hypothesizing about why a person was broken and then determining which techniques I could use to help fix them. So I went into business instead, but always kept my toe in the waters of psychology.

Something is Still Missing

During the first job after my MBA, I completed a two-year training program in Psychosynthesis to deepen my own understanding of myself and psychology in general. What I liked about this holistic model is that it brought the higher self into the therapeutic mix, at least to some degree. It was also the style my mother had studied and she had always recommended it. Very little of what I learned then translates into my work today, but there are a couple of concepts that sparked an interest and still influence my approach. The first is the concept of traveler and guide, which are the terms used in the program that I have always liked. The second is the idea of our psychology being the synergistic relationship of multiple personalities. The relevance of this in my work today is the idea that both our body and soul have their unique characteristics and our human experience is formed through the synergistic relationship between the two, but I'm jumping ahead. 

My corporate career eventually took me to Europe where I lived for nine years. I was dissatisfied with my job and was speaking to a good friend over lunch about the past life regression books by Brian Weiss that I was re-reading. It occurred to me during that conversation that I could work with past life regression because the client is the one who goes where they need to go, without the need for me to come up with theories about their problems. This idea that the client heals themselves with some guidance along the way was very appealing.

So, I did some research and found a great Cognitive Hypnotherapy training program with Trevor Sylvester at Quest Institute that offered a dual diploma with Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP). My intention was to develop my skill as a Hypnotherapist and then get certified to work with past lives. While I was getting trained in all these amazing techniques and models, I wanted to become more skilled at working directly with the subconscious.

As a result, I continued my training with John Grinder, one of the co-founders of NLP, and became a certified trainer in what is referred to as New Code NLP. What I loved about his model was the explicit focus on collaborating with the unconscious for any changes to be effective. In New Code, we also learned very powerful techniques, which were actually a lot of fun because they were structured as games. But I could feel there was something still missing in my understanding. The question that there was something else more fundamental to the structure of how our psychology worked lingered just below the surface of my mind.

We Are More Than Our Experience

It was around this time that my brother gave me a book about Life Between Lives called Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton. It's a fantastical story of where our spirit goes in between lives, expressed through a number of client case studies that take the reader from the death of a previous life all the way through to the rebirth in the next life. It was something I had never really thought about but made perfect sense. If we are in fact reincarnating, it stands to reason that our soul goes somewhere in between.

It was while reading this and his other books that I had my first really profound experience of innate well-being, which is a big part of my work today and something I'll explain more about later in my story. In fact, it was because of that feeling of "wellness-no-matter-what-happens" that I agreed to move my life for a corporate opportunity halfway around the world to Asia, where I didn't know anyone and had never even been before, leaving all my loved ones and friends behind.

While I was in Asia, I signed up for one of Michael Neill's telephone based programs, which was easy for me to attend. Michael was part of the NLP community, but I noticed his offering had shifted to something that was really different and attractive. His training introduced me to a field of study that answered my earlier suspicion that there is something fundamental to our psychology that comes before everything else I had studied and learned about psychology. With my desire to look deeper in this direction and an interest in Life Coaching, I became a certified Transformational Coach through Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy.

The training exposed me to a very simple description of life that has no end to its depth of understanding. This field of study has gone by many names but it is most commonly known today as the Three Principles or Innate Health. It originated with Sydney Banks who had an enlightenment experience in 1974, which amongst other things explains how our mind works and how our experience of life comes to form. Sadly, Sydney passed away in 2009, but his teachings have started a revolution in the understanding of human psychology which is slowly making its way around the world.

The Foundational Elements of Psychology

The Three Principles are a universal and metaphoric description of the spiritual process that comes before the creation of all experiences. They invite us to look toward the formless energy that creates our experience, towards the spiritual source, as opposed to looking at the content of our experience that has already been created. The Principles point towards the inside-out nature of our experience. Put simply, everything we feel is created via this universal spiritual energy that manifests in our personal mind as individual thought and individual consciousness.

Metaphorically speaking, what we experience is the shadow created by the light of consciousness shining against the form of thought, which is all made possible by the spiritual energy of life. This understanding alone, of how the system of life works and our role in it, can be transformational. But the more profound aspects of the Principles conversation is about feeling our spiritual nature, our innate well-being and experiencing the direct connection we have to wisdom and the energy of life. 

Another fundamental aspect of the Principles is that we can only find the answers to our questions from within, from our own wisdom. Not from anyone else. Our understanding of life can only deepen or evolve through insight, from an internal experience, a new thought that carries with it a felt sense of inner knowing. The implications of this understanding will be the focus of many articles to come. 

The Principles speak of the fundamental elements that make life possible and help us begin to understand the system that we live in. Understanding the Principles means understanding our experience of life, and our spiritual journey beyond this body is a big part of that existence. 

Creating the Environment for Insight

To be honest, I’d been struggling to find my unique voice in the coaching community for quite some time and it wasn't until recently that one of my mentors helped me remember my interest in spiritual regression and my desire to help people understand and explore their individual journey. It wasn’t obvious to me at first but more recently I’ve been seeing how learning about our spiritual path, which includes this current life, our past lives and life between lives, is complimentary to the Three Principles understanding.

My role as a Three Principles coach is to help people find their true self and their wisdom by pointing them in the direction of the formless energy at the source of their experience; and to remind them of how life actually works when they get caught up by the innocent outside-in misunderstanding inherent in our experience of life. Exploring our spiritual journey only deepens our understanding of the system we are a part of and it provides us with a profound sense of our true self, both as spirit and body. 

Life Beyond Form, as a name, superficially represents that our true existence extends past our current experience of life, but the deeper message is in understanding the significance and implications of what it means for us to live through our human body as spiritual beings. Life Beyond Form is about looking at the entirety of who we are, while deepening our understanding of the system and elements that collectively create our current experience of life. It’s about looking beyond the form, towards the formless energy of life and at our spiritual nature so that we can fundamentally live better lives today and tomorrow. 

One of my colleagues who also teaches about the Principles, says that what he wants most for his clients is 1) to have them understand who they are and how their mind works, and 2) to create an environment where insight is more likely to happen. I can't think of a more suitable environment than a superconscious experience of our spiritual journey to create an environment of self-discovery that helps achieve both of these goals. 

Life Beyond Form is about helping you to live a happier and richer life by deeply exploring your spiritual identity with a foundational understanding of the inside-out nature of our experience. 

The combination of spiritual regression with a Principles understanding not only informs us about who we are, our experience of life and how the system works, but it also helps us to reconnect with our spiritual self and our spirit guides. Making it easier for us to hear our own wisdom as well as the support offered by our guides. In turn, allowing us to live our current life with more ease, purpose, gratitude and grace, regardless of our circumstances.

Coming Soon

I'm in the process of creating an email based self-study program to help people get started with this understanding, which will include my own insights along with some of the metaphors I found to be the most helpful when I started. You can sign up HERE to be on the waitlist for this program.

My past life regression certification will happen in early October and then I will need some practical experience before I can get my certification to work with life between lives.

It is very exciting to share in this adventure with you and I am also very curious about what we will learn together; what our respective guides and spiritual selves decide will be helpful for us to discover.

Soar & Explore w. Love, ❤️

Daniel Martinez StahlDaniel Martinez Stahl works with people who want to thrive in this life, with the willingness and courage to question conventional ideas and a desire to look within to access the power of their infinite potential. People who are driven to improve their life by exploring what it means to be both spirit and human; who have a curiosity about life itself, of how the mind works and about the relationship between their body, mind and spirit.

Fundamentally, someone who is committed to change their life to a new normal by aligning with their higher self, innate well-being and inner wisdom.

To learn more, you can download the 10 Unconventional Life-hack Tidbits, you can get access to the free online course The Secrets of Life and the Mind Revealed, and you can subscribe to Life Beyond Form below.

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