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Daniel Martinez Stahl

Spiritual Journey Coach

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Life Beyond Form (LBF) is about the exploration of our spiritual existence and the application of that knowledge to our current life so that we can maximize and enjoy our experience that much more. The intention is to help people live happier and more fulfilling lives by:

  • Connecting with our inner wisdom and our spirit guides
  • Understanding the operating system of our minds
  • Aligning with how the system of life works
  • Exploring the relevant aspects of the spiritual journey
  • Recognizing the things that can and cannot be controlled
  • Learning how to use free-will to improve our experiences

Life Beyond Form is fundamentally about the understanding of life offered by the Three Principles and the exploration of spiritual regression, in the form of past lives and life between lives; and most importantly, their significance to our current life

Daniel Martinez Stahl - Symptoms of Inner Peace
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Throughout my life I have looked to better understand myself and how our psychology works. Even though I was partially distracted by my corporate career, I was always driven to continue exploring what it means to be human:

  • 2000 Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy
  • 2008 Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP
  • 2010 New Code NLP
  • 2013 Transformational Coaching (Three Principles)
  • 2020 Past Life Regression
  • 2021 (Pending) Life Between Lives Regression

My journey has always been a series of puzzle pieces that taught me specific skills and offered me different learning opportunities; allowing me to grow and deepen my understanding of myself and of life.

Life Beyond Form is the next piece of this puzzle and the clarity I feel about this new chapter of my life is very exciting, which I'm happy to be sharing with you.

I am a fellow traveller on this journey we call life; we are all in this together. Our individual experiences may be different but we have all been lost, grieved, been depressed, stressed, anxious and it is highly likely that we a have all been super self-critical and judgmental of ourselves all along the way. 

Some of my particular sticking points included:

  • Being very demanding of my personal growth, who I was never felt good enough
  • Something was always missing inside of me so I constantly read more books and took more courses
  • Self-doubt constantly nagging me whenever I though about what I could do or who I could become 
  • Highly critical of the choices and decisions I made
  • Obsessed with over-analyzing every single thing I did or about what happened to me

All of this changed as my understanding of life deepened. My mind effortlessly became more quiet and I live at peace more often than not. There will never be an end to my own development and growth but the journey has become much more fluid and enjoyable.


Working With Me...

My role as a life coach is to point you to look within, to shine a flashlight when things seem unclear when I feel I'm able to help add some clarity and most importantly to point you towards your soul. As a spiritual coach, my roll is to guide you through your spiritual past on a journey of self discovery.

My approach is largely based on the principle that you are the one who knows what is best for you. So a lot of what I will do is share what I have come to learn about how life works and do my best to create an environment for you to get insights about your own experience of life. During spiritual regression, my intention is to simply guide you through the experience and lead you through the spiritual world, allowing your higher self and your spirit guides to reveal to you what is relevant and most helpful for you to learn.  

If you are interested in getting started please feel free to contact me, but a great way to begin is with the FREE email based self-study course that I am putting together. In it I will share the metaphors and insights that helped quiet my mind, find my inner peace, and deepened my understanding of life, that have all given me a better experience of life. 

The information is presented as an invitation for something to resonate inside of you and lead you to your own insights. Which happens to be the only way you can ever deepen your understanding of life; it needs to come from within you, via a new thought that brings with it a felt-sense of knowing. 

Read my first blog post for more about my background and on the origin of Life Before Form.

  • Life Beyond Form

    “I was blown away by Daniel's grounding, his level of connection and the impact that his coaching made on me. Daniel has a real practical approach, pragmatic and direct, though I never felt less than safe and 'looked after'. A wonderful experience.”


  • Life Beyond Form

    “There are simple words Daniel has said that remain edged in my mind and still have a profound impact on me to this day. They've helped to keep me centered, made troubled times easier to manage and allowed me to be more present.”